Yorkshire Dales Wedding Barn

Yorkshire Dales Wedding Barn, the kind of email that grabs your attention as a wedding photographer. Tiff & Tim decided to hold their wedding reception at the family farm in Grassington, Gam farm rare breads. The work and effort that went in to transforming the farm in to a rustic Yorkshire Dales Wedding Barn venue was nothing short of astonishing.

DIY or not to DIY Wedding?

Deciding to make your own wedding venue clearly has it’s advantages. Set against the beautiful Yorkshire Dales hills , Tiff & Tim had full control over every aspect of their wedding. They created a totally unique celebration. On the other hand, I am pretty sure that there were times when they thought it was a terrible idea after hours and hours of work.

Pro’s of a DIY wedding:

  • No restrictions on how you decorate your venue
  • No closing time
  • Add fun elements like DIY cocktail bars
  • A totally unique Yorkshire Dales Wedding Barn wedding!
  • No confetti restrictions
  • The ultimate laid back vibe
  • A freedom to change things as you go

Con’s of a DIY wedding:

  • Much more time and effort needed
  • Stress in the run up to the day
  • Having to find extra suppliers like caterers, toilets and bar staff
  • There is only you that can deal with things that don’t go to plan.
  • An experienced team of venue staff to make things run smoothly whilst you enjoy the day
  • No onsite accommodation
  • Usually less wet weather options in a barn or marquee

Watch the narrated version ?

First… To Church!

Tiff and Tim were lucky enough to have a really special church on their door step. St Michaels in Linton is not only a beautiful church set in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. It is also a stones throw away from the river meaning we could pop down to the river after the ceremony.

Another big ‘pro’ for undertaking a DIY barn wedding is that it gives you a deadline! Tiff’s dad had owned an incredible classic car for a while but, like the farm, the wedding was a great reason to finish those last bits of restoration.

Lasting memories.

What I love about these kind of mad projects is that the changes you make and the car’s you restore stay with you. Every time you use or look at the projects you did for the wedding not only do they bring you joy for what they are. They, like the photos, will remind you the day you did it for.

The Wedding Photography

I had a definite brief to keep the photography as laid back as possible to fit with the feel of the day. Although this sounds brilliant, you don’t have the formal and staged pictures to rely on. The reportage style pictures have to tell your story on their own. This means I have to be very focused (ha pun) all day. It also means I have more space in the day to be creative in a reportage style which is very rewarding when you capture those special little moments throughout the day.

Yorkshire Dales Wedding Barn

With such a lovely setting, this was clearly at the front of my mind when taking pictures. As it was such a sunny day and with the Yorkshire Dales scenery being open fields I had to wait until the evening when the sun would be lower in the sky. This changes the light from over head and horrid to low down a gorgeous!

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