Is a Brantwood Coniston wedding for you?

Why have a Brantwood Coniston wedding? Although every Brantwood Coniston wedding I have photographed has been really quite different. There is something that Brantwood couples have in common. This wedding venue is ideal for those couples looking for an elopement feel whilst still being able to invite their family and closest friends.

Having such outstanding views and quick access to the Coniston jetty, Brantwood provides a natural wedding d├ęcor, although the ceremony room does look extra nice with floral decoration.

Kathy & Jon

Kathy and Jon planned a Brantwood Coniston wedding for these very reasons and their wedding was far closer to an elopement than traditional wedding.

Brantwood Coniston weddings start later (around 4pm) as the house is open to the public during the day. For this reason Kathy and Jon suggested we get some couple portraits before the ceremony. After a beautiful ‘first look’ we had the most relaxing half an hour exploring the gardens and Coniston lake side capturing some gorgeous pictures.

The Lake District is for relaxing.

One of the best consequences of seeing each other an hour before getting married is that it takes away all the nerves and worry. You can enjoy meeting your guests as they arrive and if you are getting nervous you have the very best person stood right next to you for support!

Wedding photography… in reverse.

I found it really inspiring starting the day shooting portraits. It was just the three of us in the crazily beautiful Lake District and having so much time to wander finding the best spots around Brantwood was a real luxury. After the portrait session, Kathy and Jon’s guests started to arrive ready for their wedding ceremony. After a few ‘I do’s’ the wedding party moved to The Terrace for drinks and speeches before a very informal afternoon tea.

What are the best places for pictures at a Brantwood Coniston wedding?

  • You are naturally drawn to the lake but don’t ignore the upper gardens. Brantwood has some of the most colourful tree blossom I have ever seen! This works whatever the weather.
  • My top tip for Autumn is the small lane from the back of Brantwood down to the road. If you are lucky enough to have a little Autumn sun there is some beautiful Autumnal light down there.
  • Jetty tip! If you wait for the sun to get low in the sky, just before it disapears behind the hills, the landscape and water come alive. The low light turns the colours and textures up to 10 where as earlier in the day the hills look flat and no where near as dramatic!

Should you have a Brantwood Coniston wedding?

If laid back and hassle free is your thing, you love the outdoors and don’t think the big evening party reception suits your guests then Brantwood is a great idea. You have to be ok with not being able to have fancy chairs, the odd tourist walking by and a reasonable chance of rain at some point. However, you also get one of the best views in the UK with quick access to a steam gondola for entertainment and a sense of calming nature all day!

Brantwood weddings come under my ‘elopment/small weddings’ pricing which you can see here