My Approach

Photography is a creative medium and each photographer chooses their own way to tell a story. Reflections, light, shadows, compositions and moments are some of the tools of this creativity. My approach is to use these tools only as you find them, within the scene you are capturing without introducing artificial special effects, lighting or posing in the most creative way I can.
I come to photograph your wedding dress hanging patiently, curtains drawn, with a low, soft light falling across the room. I could turn on the camera flash and create a bright, evenly lit picture or place a flash off to the side …but that wouldn’t be how your dress had looked on the morning of the wedding. Shooting the picture naturally, using the soft light that is already there instantly recalls that moment. It will help you to remember the room, the atmosphere, the weather and the sense of anticipation in the air. It might even bring back memories of the excited conversations being carried from room to room. If I set up lighting and try to create a stylised version of the scene, the result is simply a cool picture of a wedding dress, and not that dress on that day at that very moment.