Wedding photography at Mitton Hall

Wedding photography at Mitton Hall – Laura and Luke chose to hold their winter wedding at the mighty Mitton Hall in the Ribble Valley Lancashire.

In this article we will look at the best places for wedding photography at Mitton Hall? Some things to watch out for (Especially at winter weddings) how to get the most out of your wedding pictures.

Wedding photography at Mitton Hall

Being a part of the James Places group of hotels, you are assured the decor and service you receive at Mitton Hall will be amongst the best in Lancashire and beyond. A beautiful country house hotel in the heart of the Ribble Valley. It is a wedding venue that, as a wedding photographer, you don’t spend the days before worrying about the weather. The inside photo opportunities are just as impressive and varied as the outdoor options.


Laura wore a dress from

with flowers from The Flower Shop Clitheroe

Hair by Wedlocks

MUA Blush by Dianna

Cake by Lou Lou’s meringues.

Laura & Luke opted to have my highlights film package. This is a few snippets from their 10 minute film.

Wedding Pictures at Mitton Hall

The Morning of your Wedding.

Wedding photography at Mitton Hall often starts in the large private dining room which most brides use for their hair and make-up. This long narrow room with dark corners doesn’t seem like an ideal room for photography but as one end of the room is all windows, in the right hands, you can create the most beautiful, contrasty pictures. With the window behind me the light is super flattering (selfie style) or you can move around to the sides and create really unusual, stunning pictures which reflect the quieter parts of the morning preparations.

The Bridal Suite

As beautiful as the dining room is, it isn’t the best for getting pictures of your wedding dress hanging. The bed in the bridal suite is the clear choice. Most brides move to the bridal suite to actually get dressed. This is a great room for capturing your bridesmaids, mum or dad’s reactions when they see you for the first time! As well as some finishing touches.

My approach to wedding photography at Mitton Hall is mostly natural ‘as it happens’ Here are a few shots I like to try and get:

  1. A picture of your dress hanging on the bed.
  2. Fastening up your dress – a special moment for a bridesmaid or mum to do.
  3. Finishing touches. Everyone will be ready by this point so the pictures of everyone fussing over you will look great!
  4. Reactions. Mum, dad or bridesmaids seeing you for the first time.
  5. A natural picture of you fully ready. The light in this room is perfect for this.
  6. A picture with your immediate family, or parents. This doesn’t have to be too formal but its surprisingly hard to get you all together after this moment!

The Mitton Hall Party Room

Unless you are having a church wedding, you will be getting married in the party room at Mitton Hall. Wedding photography at Mitton Hall party room couldn’t be more ideal and you don’t need to worry one bit about this part of your day. Flooded with window light and with plenty of room it’s easy to get bright and flattering pictures whatever the weather.

That ‘middle part’ of the day

After your ceremony but before your meal is when you are likely to do some portrait pictures of the two of you. Wedding photography at Mitton Hall can be so varied dependant on the wether, time of year and your preferences.

Where are the best places for wedding pictures at Mitton Hall?

If it’s wet and wild… or winter.

  1. I like to get you in the outside doorways on damper days. You still get lovely natural light but you stay dry!
  2. The fire place. Such an impressive backdrop. You will often find people sat around the fire so you will need to ask non wedding guests to move first!
  3. The Christmas tree. If it’s Christmas you can’t not!
  4. The balcony. This is such a creative space for your wedding pictures. Personally I think the balcony works better after dark. You are left with the chandelier light which is so warm and romantic.

If it’s summer but wet

  1. The only thing that becomes difficult if it has been raining at Mitton Hall is getting to the lower gardens. It gets muddy down there so probably best not to try… unless you have wellies.
  2. The front pathway. This is one of my favourite spots. Fully gravelled paths and the tree lined entrance is a dream.
  3. At the back, in summer there is a beautiful wisteria growing over the back door. The light there is A-mazing.

Sunny Days! Of course you can get pictures where ever you like.

  1. Right at the bottom of the lower gardens there is a small woodland. This is such an unexpected hidden gem. If you get dry weather you will want to get some shots here.
  2. The path at the lower garden overlooks the river and has fantastic views. The tress frame the view so nicely.

If you are planning a Mitton Hall wedding I would love for you to get in touch and to hear more about what you are planning.

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