Utopia Broughton Hall Wedding

Utopia Broughton Hall Wedding. The unique thing about having a Utopia Broughton Hall Wedding is that the grounds of Broughton Hall have such a wide variety of backdrops that you can’t fail to find something that fits with your style. Your style as a couple, your dress or colour theme. This extends to your choice of locations at which you can hold your wedding. From the Chapel or the traditional main house to Eden for a more relaxed feel and the contrasting modern glass construction of Utopia.

The wedding couple.

I have known Faye since being her college tutor and Sam and Faye along with their family and friends are some of the happiest and fun loving people you could wish to meet. I have photographed quite a few ex students of mine and it’s a deeply lovely thing to be able to see them starting a life with the person they love having known them as they grew up. The fact they chose to have a Utopia Broughton Hall Wedding, which is 15 minutes from my house was even better!

The Outdoor Ceremony

Faye and Sam had their hearts set on an outdoor ceremony. The designed gardens that Utopia overlooks make an outdoor ceremony still feel private whilst having the benefits of space and a beautiful setting. It was seriously 50/50 if they were going to be able to have their outdoor ceremony. As you can see the clouds were looking very suspicious!

Is overcast always bad thing?

The difference in how you photograph a super sunny day and a heavily overcast day couldn’t be more different. Although you may not as easily get the vibrant colours of summer on an overcast day, the textures and tones of Broughton Hall come alive. An overcast day allows you to shoot anywhere. No fear of squinting with screwed up eyes or harsh light picking out every pore and stray hair!

How did I change my plans?

The light meant I was really hunting out backgrounds which were full of texture but with an area of brighter light. In these conditions you can also play with spots that have a darker background making for really moody shots. On a sunny day the backgrounds would be lit up and totally different. The final thing on my mind was that we needed to be seconds away from shelter at all times as those clouds were threatening to drench us at any moment.

My favourite photo spots for a Broughton Hall Wedding on an overcast day:

  • The old gate entrance to Utopia
  • At the furthest path from Utopia within the formal garden – the light is always great there.
  • The arched red brick doorway off this path.
  • The weeping willow at the start of the pond path – so visually stunning
  • The old grinding wheels – so unique!

The Suppliers involved in this Utopia Broughton Hall Wedding:

The flower Cart

Hair – Amy @asmithy1982

Make up – Amanda Simpson-artofbeauty.co.uk

Catering – Good Food Story

You can find out more about my approach here: