5 Amazing places to have your wedding pictures at The Out Barn

Are you wondering how you can use The Out Barn’s features and facilities to make the wedding you dreamed of?

The Out Barn Weddings, at Bashall Eaves near Clitheroe, has many existing features that make amazing backdrops for wedding pictures. In this blog I share my 5 favourite places to get amazing pictures on your wedding day.

Your Wedding pictures at The Out Barn

The Out Barn weddings have one drawback! There are too many amazing places to have your wedding pictures! You have probably toured around many wedding venues, visited wedding fairs and trawled the net for inspiration. After all your hard work you decide on The Out Barn as the wedding venue that fits the vision of your wedding the best.

Then comes the fun part!

How are you going to use the venue?

Festoon lighting, candles, structural flowers, lawn games. All these things will change how your weddings photos are taken.

The Out Barn wedding

Weddings at The Out Barn

These are a few of the weddings I have photographed at The Out Barn:

Joanna & Thomas

Tess & Dan

Pro Tip #One

Don’t get too attached to one particular place for your Out Barn wedding pictures.

Any professional wedding photographer will tell you that there are some key factors that will help them decide where to take your wedding pictures.

  • The weather
  • The light
  • Your colour themes
  • Time of day and year

What you should take note of is that most of these factors can’t be planned in advance!

We have 1143 hours of sunshine around the Ribble Valley out of a potential 4380

That means you have a 26% chance of sun on your wedding day!

That shouldn’t make you feel down though! Although it’s nice to have sun on your wedding day harsh sunlight isn’t the most flattering and a little cloud can make for really beautiful pictures!

Around The Out Barn Clitheroe

The farm of Clough Bottom is much more than the The Out Barn itself. Set in 360 acres of sustainably managed land with historic buildings and fairy bridge!

To the front of the Out Barn are two large fields one of which is seeded yearly to create the most stunning wild flower display. Surrounded by trees, lanes and rocky footpaths if you feel like exploring. Then there are the barns, log piles and vintage tractors!

The Out Barn Bashall Eaves

Rustic Wedding venue

Although The Out Barn is a modern, clean building which can be a blank canvas, It sits in it’s rural rustic setting well. This is a truly family run business. The result of this is care and attention that is rare in a wedding venue. The hands on approach to developing and managing the farm means there is a nice meeting of real rustic country charm yet the estate is cared for and maintained to a very high standard.

My top 5 photo locations for The Out Barn Weddings, Clitheroe.

Honestly, there are endless photo opportunities around Clough Bottom Farm but here are my favourite spots (In no particular order!):

  1. That picture perfect view.

The view over to Pendle Hill is so nice. I personally think this works well for your family shots. The sun is never in a great place during the day and as the day goes on the sun starts to light Pendle more and more. Some evening shots are definitely worth doing!

The Out Barn Bashall Eaves

2. The Out Barn Fairy Bridge

I put the bridge in the category of ‘Looks amazing but is actually tricky to shoot!’ There are at least 4 different ways to get wedding pictures on the Fairy Bridge and it is very weather dependent. On really sunny days I like to keep you on the road in the shade of a tree and have the bridge as a background. It’s nice to get you on the bridge but it is super tiny! If you aren’t bringing trainers or wellies this might not be an option.

bashall eaves fairy bridge

3. The barn and log pile

These seem to come alive in wet or gloomy weather! As they are filled with texture on sunny days it can look a bit too much. On overcast days the colours really stand out.

The Out Barn Clitheroe
  1. The Out Barn at night

A great end of the day shot. The Out Barn looks really amazing lit up at night. I think because everything around you is so dark it has a spaceship feel. Having a picture in front of the venue full of your partying guests is a moment to remember.

5. The meadow!

From mid spring throughout summer the meadow in front of The Out Barn, that is seeded annually, is bringing a very special and unique feature to your wedding pictures. The scene is at it’s best in the evening when the sun starts to set from behind The Out Barn across the field. It makes a perfect backdrop during the day but the best pictures by far are to be had in the evening.

Relaxed wedding photography

These are just a few highlights of the beautiful Ribble Valley scenes you can find at Clough Bottom. I almost never over plan where the best place will be to take your wedding pictures and am constantly looking for new spaces that reflect you and your style on your wedding day. The vast majority of the pictures I take on a wedding day are ‘of the moment’ and even when we escape for some couple portraits it is about you being together for a quiet moment. Keeping things fun and relaxed makes much better pictures.

I would love to hear about what you are planning if you are getting maried at The Out Barn or anywhere!

You can contact me here