Portals Hills Boutique Hotel Mallorca wedding

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel wedding. Photographing Rita (of Rita & Bobby) was becoming a regular event. She runs and incredible make up business, teaching women to do their own make up as well as developing her own range of brushes. I have photographed and filmed her in her make up role for a few years and so when she asked me to do her wedding photography at Portals Hills Boutique Hotel Mallorca I already had an idea of the style of images she would be looking for.

Weddings at Portals Hills Boutique Hotel Mallorca

Wedding at Portals Hills Boutique Hotel are located on the hillside of Puerto Portals, one of the most stunning and exclusive areas of Mallorca. It is 10 minutes away from the beautiful Portal Nous beach, so wedding pictures by the sea are easily an option.

Miami in Mallorca!

The main feature of Portals Hills Boutique Hotel is the clean, white modern d├ęcor. It is ideally suited to couples looking for a modern, stylish wedding with sea views! The hotel has an Art Deco feel with elements of gold throughout. Rita & Bobby asked their guests to wear light neutral tones which suited the Portal Hills style perfectly.

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel wedding photography

Although Portal Hills is a stunning hotel and wedding venue with stunning views, it is a luxury hotel first over a wedding venue. I find that venues that are wedding focused have developed over time to create areas designed to make wedding photography easy. Portal Hills doesn’t have these obvious areas and this is a really exciting challenge to get creative.

All in the planning.

I met up with Rita the day before the wedding to plan where we were going to take their couple portraits. We were definitely on the same page as Rita pointed out unusual corners, walls and the car park as potential spots! I spent some time taking iphone pictures of the areas I thought would work to give Rita a clear idea about what I was thinking which was a really useful ‘sketchbook’


Rita chose a fantastic collection of suppliers to help build her day.

Flowers: Serendipity `Designs

Venue styling hire: Something Borrowed

Bespoke Dress: https://www.renek.co.uk/

That dress

Rita commissioned the talented Rene K Couture to make her wedding dress. If you are planning a destination wedding it’s so important to think about dressing for the climate. A 3 piece tweed suit in Mallorca isn’t going to work out so well. I really loved Rita’s dress. It was light and comfortable whilst it’s elegance suited the venue perfectly.

Portals Hills Boutique Hotel Mallorca wedding… the after party.

Rita & Bobby booked the Band ‘Midnight Train’ who performed on a proper stage outdoors, festival style. What a party! There was so much energy late in to the evening which made for some great party pictures.

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