Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

My best wedding photography of the year?… ever?
It was quite weird, I bumped in to Michael from Satin Pictures on a dark balcony at Mitton Hall. We chatted for a while and one of the first things he said was something that had been running through my head obsessively in the days running up to the wedding.
“I have worked here a lot of times so today I am going to smash it out of the park, if I start doing something I’ve done before I am going to stop and think – could I be doing this better?)
This sentence had been my mantra for over 48 hours. If you ever wanted an insight in to the state of the wedding industry it’s this conversation. Reputable wedding photographer people are obsessed with making this year, this month, this wedding, the best they have ever done. We don’t wake up and say “ergh I have a wedding today” we wake up and say “I’m going to take the best picture I’ve ever taken today.
Mitton Hall Wedding Photography

The Wedding

Elouise and Sam are so good to photograph. They naturally give off a vibe of closeness and passion when they are together. I must comment on the INSAINE weather that day. It was warm and sunny then at the flick of a switch gale force snow storms! I had to abandon one idea as Elouise looked like she was actually going to start freezing. The great thing about Mitton Hall is that it has such a variety of spaces you can work with whatever the weather throws at you. I decided my aim with the photography was to focus on ‘moments’ whilst really pushing myself to find the best light around Mitton Hall.

She wore

Enzoani dress
Debut Shoes
Bridesmaids: Quiz
Hair by:
Mua: @kathrynfarrington_mua @alex_kate_curtis


“We honestly couldn’t be happier with our photos, they are just beautiful.
We’ve had endless compliments and our guests were impressed with your ninja like skills on the day!”

See my narrated version of this wedding below:



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