How does booking work?

Some couples prefer to meet up before deciding to book and some don’t (Especially if you live far away) Regardless, once you have made your decision let me know and I will send you an online booking form and contract to sign. I require a 20% booking fee to secure your date.

What are the payment terms?

I require a 20% booking fee initially and the rest is due 14 days before your wedding date.

What exactly do I get?

The photographs you receive are processed and retouched pictures. This means they will look like a consistent ‘polished’ set of pictures with minor issues airbrushed out. The pictures are as big as they come out of the camera (massive!) You will get a full set in colour and in black and white also. All this is put on a USB stick and posted to you. You will also receive an online gallery from which you and your guests can download screen size pictures at no extra charge.

Do you add filters?

This is a complicated question but basically no. I do use a self made preset which makes each picture look the way I like it but this only changes the colour balance. I also retouch minor imperfections

Are there watermarks or logos on my pictures?


How long do you stay?

When booking my all day package, I start whenever you want me to and usually stay until around 30 minutes after your first dance. This isn’t a strict rule as every wedding is different. My shorter hours package usually excludes either the morning preperations or the evening party.

I have heard horror stories of photographers loosing pictures

Any professional wedding photographer of repute will have an extensive system in place to ensure the risks of loosing pictures is minimised. It could never be an absolute guarantee but at every point from downloading the pictures to delivering them to you, your pictures are stored in triplicate and in two locations.

What happens if I am ill?

We’re all human after all. If I wake up and my legs have fallen off you are getting married in one of the best times in history. I have a network of trusted photographers I can call on in emergencies but better than that there is now a ‘wedding photographers emergency group’ The best thing about this is that once the call goes out, photographers from across the country can state they are available to cover. Then I can choose the best fit for your wedding.

Do we need to supply you with food on the day?

Although this is not in my contract, it can be really difficult to eat during the 10-12 hours I will be at your wedding. Every hotel has a different approach to this and so if the facility is available it is massively appreciated.

How many pictures will I get?

This does depend on the size of your wedding, number of venues and the weather but generally it ends up being 500-600 really nice pictures.

I hate having my picture taken

I honestly think this is where I shine. I could have gone in to fashion or celeb photography but the truth is I get the biggest satisfaction from making everyday people look great. I do everything in my power to make you feel as relaxed and ‘un-photographed’ as possible. If you are feeling worried about being photographed I recommend a pre wedding shoot so we can have a practice!

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