Couple posing tips and advice on how to look great on your pre wedding shoots/ engagement shoot.

Couple posing tips. Different photographers have different approaches to posing and on top of that different couples look better in different positions. Maybe ‘positions isn’t the best word here! – poses.

Let me tell you a little about my approach to posing couples and what you can do to make your pictures better.

I developed a style of photography I like to call #no artificial additives. This basically means I don’t like to bring things to the pictures that don’t already exist. I have a strong reason for doing this and that reason is that at the top of my list when photographing couples is emotion. I need to feel the love, the laughter and closeness of a couple coming out of the pictures. One way to do this is to give my couples time and space to feel comfortable and to be themselves. This is easy but couples rarely naturally position themselves in a way that works best for photographs!

The solution. (Couple posing tips)

What I choose to do is allow my couples to just ‘be’ with each other to start with. In the first few minutes I am literally watching how a couple naturally interact. You would be amazed how different this is for each and every couple! Some couples are all over each other in a second whilst others link arms. Couples come in all shapes and sizes and every couple have found their own way of ‘jigsaw-ing’ together.
This is my foundation. In moments I know what will work and what won’t with each couple.
There are universal poses and basics that work for everyone and I will try and show you some examples of poses that work for most people.

Location: Wycoller Country Park

There’s many more Couple posing tips but a few ideas to get you started!

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