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Cotswolds tipi wedding of Kat & Mat was really beautiful and unique… for some quite unique reasons!

Kat is a florist, and with flowers being one of the elements of a wedding I get most excited about I couldn’t wait to see what she had put together. As I arrived on a gorgeous frosty morning, Kat’s creations looked stunning inside the tipi in the grounds of Highview House in Charingworth. There are a lot of options for Cotswolds wedding venues but Kat & Matt though outside the box in finding a large holiday let and putting a tipi in the garden! This foundation set the theme for their Cotswold tipi wedding.

The risks of a DIY wedding

With Kat being a florist I was expecting her to have done the flowers herself. There was a lovely moment when Kat was finishing her own bouquet and a friend was decorating the cake in the kitchen.

When you decide to do pretty much everything yourself in the planning of your wedding you have total control over every element. But… if something goes wrong there’s only you to sort things out!

Having a Cotswolds tipi wedding in late October could be a bit of a risk but you know that if it rains those tipis are very cosy and provide a unique rustic atmosphere.

Things don’t always go to plan.

As the morning went on the clouds rolled in and before we knew it the rain was pouring and the temperature plummeted thanks to an icy wind and rain. That’s when an issue arose. The generator they had hired could not cope with both the tipi heaters and the catering ovens. Kat & Matt were faced with the choice of not being able to cook or keeping the tipi warm! Despite several phone calls it could not be fixed and the ceremony went ahead.

It was PERFECT! A really beautiful wedding ceremony. It got quite cold and the guests had to keep their coats on but a few drinks later and even the relentless rain couldn’t damped the spirits of the party.


I think if you are the type of person who decides to plan a fully DIY wedding you are probably also the type of person who has the attitude that the people around you and the wedding celebration are what matters over details and problems.

This day was filled with smiles, laughter and dancing and that’s what matters.

Cotswolds tipi wedding photography

Weddings in tipis are fantastic from a photography point of view. They are usually located in beautiful places with quick access to great photo spots. There is a downside though. If it rains you go from having endless photo options to basically one! The tipi! As nice as they are having one location to work with uses up your creativity pretty quickly.

Rain on your wedding day.

I was obsessively checking the forecast and watching the skies for any break in the rain. It didn’t come. With about 15 minutes of light left we headed outside. It’s situations like this when I feel I am really bringing together my years of experience and skill to capture some beautiful moments in conditions that seem impossible.

Pros and cons of a DIY wedding.

High risk – high reward is the world of the DIY wedding planner.


  • You can save a lot of money by taking things in to your own hands.
  • The savings mean you can invest in a few things you have dreamed of whilst staying under budget.
  • You will have a totally unique wedding that is ‘you’
  • Getting friends and family involved can make people feel more a part of your wedding.
  • Full control without comprise.
  • Many decorations etc can be sold on after the wedding for eco and financial advantage.

The cons!

  • It WILL be more stressful than you think.
  • You you will need to be very organised and good at managing many suppliers.
  • You are the last stop for issues on the day.
  • Things will go wrong. Professional wedding people have made all the mistakes for you in the past, as it’s your first time, details will turn out differently to what you expected.
  • Without a ‘behind the scenes team’ keeping track, the timings of your day will most likely slip over the day.

Tips for a DIY wedding.

My top tips if you are planning a DIY Cotswolds tipi wedding (or anywhere) would be to prepare as many things as you can 2/3 months ahead. You don’t want to leave table plans, decor details and gifts until the last few weeks.

Try and designate a few ‘problem solvers’ Guests who can get things done and are outside of your immediate wedding party will be your life savers on the day.

Everything takes longer than you think! Double the time you have allowed.

If you are hiring lighting, generators etc, have a list of the company contacts to hand incase things go wrong.

If you are planning a DIY tipi wedding or anything similar I would love to hear from you. Contact me